torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Verbs with Lockie Leonard: Week 34

Lockie Leonard
We start this term with some verbs and at the same time we watch some programmes from UR (Utbildningsradion) about an Australian boy; Lockie Leonard. This first week we see one episode in school and you see the other episode at home, as homework. Write down five new words as you watch.
You find the programmes linked here below:
Part one: The human torpedo
Part two: Stormy Mondays.

Concerning the verbs we first repeat the present tense (in Swedish "presens").

När man bildar presens av ett verb använder man sig av verbets första form; infinitiv.
  • En sak som man ofta glömmer bort är att man måste lägga till + s vid heshe eller it, eller andra ord som motsvaras av dessa pronomen, t ex the baby = it.
  • Verbet be har i presens olika verbformer för alla personer; I am; you are; he/ she/ it is; we are; you (ni) are; they are.
  • Om verbet slutar på konsonant + y omvandlas detta y till ie när man lägger på ändelser, t ex cry blir cries när man lägger på ändelsen -s.

1 Lockie lives in Australia.                                    
They _______ in Australia

2 Lockie and his family move to a new town.        
The family _____ to an new town, Angelus.

3 His father is the new police chief.                        
Lockie and his brother _______ new in school.

4 They dislike their house.                                      
The mother ________ the house a lot.

5 The baby sister cries.                                            
Lockie's brother ______ out loud when he sings.

6 Lockie starts high school.                                    
Lockie's father _____ his new job.

7 Lockie falls and the surf board hits him.              
The surfers _____. Boof  ___ Lockie off the board.

8 Lockie meets a boy, Egg, at the beach.                
Lockie, this brother and his father ___ the preacher.

9 Lockie and his younger brother sleep in the same room.  
The baby sister ______ in her cot.

Go to this web site  for more exercises with verbs. Choose simple present this time.

  • Diary: Pretend you are Lockie and he sits down and writes in his diary about his experiences. Present your diary text in your blog.
  • Interview; Pair / group work: Pretend a newspaper reporter interviews some of the Leonard family members. Record your interview and present it on your blogs.
  • Newspaper article: Pretend a newspaper reporter writes about something that has happened in the film.
  • Drama; Pair / group work: Act out a scene from the film or make up a new alternative scene where you solve a situation in a new way.