tisdag 21 augusti 2012

Verbs with Lockie week 36

By Wednesday your homework is to see episode six, write down five new words and to learn the ten verbs you see in the list below.

Episode 5; Cyril
Episode 6: A water feature

Denna vecka repeterar vi perfekt (har gjort) och pluskvamperfekt (hade gjort). Nedan står meningar i perfekt? Vad blir samma meningar i pluskvamperfekt? När använder man pluskvamperfekt?

1 Lockie and Egg have found the math test in the copying machine.
2 They have agreed to cheat.
3 Lockie has put the correct answers in his shoe.
4 He has cheated and has looked at the answers.
5 Lockie has had a bad conscience
6 He has felt guilt
7 He has told his parents
8 Egg has said he would cheat.
9 Lockie has done a new test without cheating.

On this link to Quizlet you can practise these verbs and on page 145-146 in your workbook you can practice the perfect tense with other verbs.

  • Diary: Pretend you are Lockie and he sits down and writes in his diary about his experiences. Present your diary text in your blog.
  • Interview; Pair / group work: Pretend a newspaper reporter interviews some of the Leonard family members. Record your interview and present it on your blogs.
  • Newspaper article: Pretend a newspaper reporter writes about something that has happened in the film episodes.
  • Drama; Pair / group work: Act out a scene from the film or make up a new alternative scene where you solve a situation in a new way.