tisdag 25 september 2012

Verbs with Lockie; week 40

Episode 14 
This week you watch episode 14 as homework. As usual you also write down five words and learn the ten verbs in the box below.
Episode 13: It's not you, it's me.
Episode 14: Pure poetry

1 Egg's chairs were broken.
2 Dot was chosen by Lockie.
3 The fish is caught in the ocean.
4 The meeting is held in Lockie's house.
5 Egg's feelings are hurt.
6 Lockie can't keep his promise about the speach.
7 Lisa mustn't know about Philip's bedwetting.
8 Philip shall not lay the dead fish in the refrigerator.
9 Blob may lie in the sofa.
10 Lockie will run after Dot.

Denna vecka tittar vi på passiv form som bildas av verbet be (som böjs) plus verbets tredje form.  Detta kan du läsa om i textboken sidan 134 och 135 och öva på sidan 157 + 158 i övningsboken.

Vi repeterar dessutom hur man använder sig av de modala hjälpverben. På sidan 133 i textboken finns information och på sidan 155-156 i övningsboken finns övningar på detta.


Diary: Pretend you are Lockie and he sits down and writes in his diary about his experiences. Present your diary text in your blog.

Interview; Pair / group work: Pretend a newspaper reporter interviews some of the Leonard family members. Record your interview and present it on your blogs.

Newspaper article: Pretend a newspaper reporter writes about something that has happened in the film episodes.

Drama; Pair / group work: Act out a scene from the film or make up a new alternative scene where you solve a situation in a new way.