fredag 12 april 2013

English week 16-22

We will focus on reading and discussing a book / texts. You can choose if you want to read a whole book, Stonecold by Robert Swindells (about 25 pages a week) or if you want to read shorter texts from our textbook. If you choose shorter texts you have to read at least one text every week, but you can choose to read more than one if you want to. Every week we will have a different focus, see below, and your homework will be to learn at least 10 new words + to prepare yourself to be able write about or to discuss the topic of the week.

Week 16:
Tuesday: Use your photos and present your work-experience, your PRAO.
Homework for Wednesday: Publish your text about your work-experience, your PRAO, on your blog.
Wednesday: Start reading English book/texts.

Week 17
Our focus this week is "character tracer". On Wednesday you must be prepared to present one or more of the main characters; looks, interest, friends, family and characteristic traits. Tell us what you think of this character. Is it a nice or unpleasant person=? Why? Give evidence from the text.
Homework for Wednesday: At least 10 new words + prepare "character tracer".

Week 18
Our focus this week is look at the settings, that is the places where the story takes place. Describe the settings and try to see if there is a connection between the choice of setting and what happens in the story.

Week 19
This week you focus on at the problem or conflict that your text is about. Define the problem and the different "opponents" in this conflict. Do you have a suggestion to how to solve this problem?
Homework for Wednesday: At least 10 new words + prepare "problem finder" + "setting scrutinizer".

Week 21
This week your task is to be "the creative connector", that is to connect things from the text with your personal experiences. Make comparisons. Have you heard, read or seen anything similar before? What is similar, what  is different?
Homework for Wednesday: Prepare "creative connector" + read text.

Week 22
This week you will act as an eye witness, that is you must prepare to tell happenings in the text as if you were present. What did you see, hear, smell, feel or even taste?
Homework for Wednesday: 20 new words + prepare "eye witness report".

Week 23
Test on Wednesday: Review the words and be prepared to write a text about the book/ texts you have read. You will briefly summarize a text / the book and write down your opinion about the text +your opinion of this reading project.