tisdag 7 maj 2013

Stonecold: Extra tasks

Choose one of the tasks belo. In most of the tasks you work two or more people together. Put the result on your blogs.
  • News reporter / journalist: Record when you interview Link (or Shelter). Put the recording on your blogs. Write a news article about these happenings (+take a photo). Publish the text on your blog. 
  • Actors: Dramatize one or more scenes from the book.  Record as a film or a radio programme. Publish the recording on your blogs.
  • Painter / artist / illustrator: Make an illustration to the contents of the book. Write a text where you explain your illustration. Publish on your blog.
  • Writer/ author: Write a summary of the contents of the book. You can make your text in the tool Storybird or Storyjumper. Publish on your blog.
  • Rapper / singer: Make a text to the contents of the book. On YouTube you find rap backgrounds; for example; classic rap 1 and classic rap 2. Record and publish on your blog.
  • Quiz maker: Make a quiz with the content of the book for example Jeopardy or Make-a-Quiz. Publish / do the quiz in class.
  • Word artist: Use words from the book and make a crossword (link to Puzzlemaker- choose criss cross) or a word cloud (link to Wordle). See example below.
Word cloud done in Wordle by moca32