onsdag 29 maj 2013

Stonecold-group: Looking for Tat

We've read a book about Link and some other homeless people. You will now see a similar story from real life. It's a video diary of how Claire tries to find a homeless friend with the help of Kevin, the photographer. It's hard to hear, the sound quality is sometimes not very good, the people talk different dialects, slang and sometimes they mumble. Nevertheless I want to see if you can find out some information about the people we meet: Looking for Tat

Claire (who records the video diary)
Why is she doing this video diary?
How long ago did she meet Tat?
How did they meet?
What does Clair fear has happened to Tat?
For how long does Claire live in the streets looking for Tat?

He mentions what being homeless does to you. Mention some consequences.
What are his dreams for the future?

When did he start living in the streets? (Cause? Age?)
For how long has he been living in the streets?// How old is he?
What are Claire's reactions after talking to Ant?

For how long has she been living in the streets?
Why is she using drugs?
Where does she get the money from?

Why did she leave home and start living in the streets?
What are Claire's reactions when she and Susy are about to say goodbye?

What is his relation to Tat?

At what age did Tat start living in the streets?// How old is she now?
Where is she?(What happened to her?
What about her family?

smack = heroin