måndag 7 oktober 2013

9a Lpp w 41-43

LPP “The English speaking world” Week 41-43
We are going to work with the English speaking world in general, with focus on the English language´s history.

Main goals/purpose
- To learn about the history of the English language.
- To learn about the differences between BE and AE.
- To learn about English speaking countries.

Week 41

- The History of English (from What´s up9 p 118-119)
- Watch (“History of the English language” bbc)
- Write 5-10 questions about the text + the answer about the text.
Friday: No lesson
Homework: Finish the questions/answers and mail them to before Friday 23:59.

Week 42
- The History of English (from What´s up9 p 118-119)
- “
History of English language” questions and answers.
- English, A world language (what´s up 9 p 120-121)
Homework: Words on handout 1

Week 43
English in many countries (what´s up 122-123)
- (British English and American English)
Words on handout 2

- You will be evaluated on your activity in the classroom.
- There will be a smaller test of what we have done these three weeks.
- Understandings of the texts/films.