måndag 7 oktober 2013

9b English week 41-47: Realia and Research

We are going to learn some facts about the English speaking countries and we start with the three chapters at the end of What's Up 9. After this introduction and some films from UR you will start your research.

TOPIC: You choose one topic to make some research on. The research should be related to English around the world. It can be episodes or periods in history, research about loan words, English influences in the world or famous English people or phenomenon.

ALONE OR IN PAIRS: At the introduction most people said they wanted to work alone but you can work in pairs too if you want to.

MATERIAL: You find your material in our library or on internet. Ask teachers or our librarian if you don't find good sources of information. You must name the sources you have used.

TIME: You have three lessons and homework week 45 + 46  to your disposal.

PRESENTATION: Present your research with a Key-note presentation (5-10 minutes). Your presentation must contain some comparison between the English facts you researched and other things you know or have experienced.

TEST: Since you didn't want any "open book test" on this material I will ask you some general questions after each presentation to check your understanding and your knowledge of realia.

Week 41
Monday: Introduction + The History of English TB p 119

Week 42
Monday: English- A world language
Film about English Speaking Countries
Friday: English in many countries
Film about English Speaking Countries

Week 43
Monday: Film about English Speaking Countries
Friday: Choose topic for your research
Film about English Speaking Countries
Research; three lessons + homework week 45 + 46
1 Choose a topic.
2 Search for material.
3 Choose interesting facts, which you present in your own words in a Key-note-presentation of approximately 3-6 minutes (per person).
4 Draw some conclusions and make comparisons with you own experience and knowledge, or English speaking countries or Sweden.
5 Practise doing the presentation

Week 45
Monday: Do research
Friday: Do research + Homework: Do research

Week 46
Monday: Do research
Friday: Homework: Present your research with a Key-note presentation

Week 47
Monday + Friday: Present your research with a Key-note presentation

Films about English Speaking Countries:
South Africa:
The USA:
The  Philippines:
The UK: