onsdag 8 januari 2014

Bookcircle week 2-7; Class 9b

Discussion leader 
  • You will lead the dicussion. 
  • Always address students by name and thank them when they have presented their activity. 
  • Start by asking the summarizer to summarize today’s reading.
  • Next it is your turn to start the discussion. You are to base your three questions on The Six Thinking Hats: Always set the scene (summarize and say page number) and then put on your thinking hat.  E.g.  The main character loses his memory. Take on your red hat and imagine what it would feel like if you couldn’t remember anything. Publish your three questions on your blog.
Your task is to prepare a brief summary of today’s reading (about 100 words). Your group discussion will start with your 2-3 minute statement that covers the key events, main highlights and general idea of today’s reading assignment. 

Publish your summary on your blog.

Word finder  
Note 15-20 words or expressions that are puzzling and unfamiliar while you are reading. Later you write down their definition and make a wordlist. You also make an exercise that explains the words or a game where you practise the words. 

Publish your words and your word exercise on your blog.

Character tracer 
You choose a character and list some character traits they have shown in today’s reading. (At least 100 words.) Give the page number and evidence from your reading which will support your choices. E.g. I think this person is very jealous since on page XX he refuses to go away to fix some snacks. He won’t let anyone else get near his girlfriend.

Publish your text on your blog.

Creative connector 
Your job is to find connections between the book and the world outside. This means connecting the readings to your own life, to happenings at school or in the community, to similar events at other times and places, to other people or problems that you  are reminded of. You might also see connections between this book and other writings on the same topic. There are no right answers here whatever the reading connects you with is worth sharing. Say what page in the book you are referring to by summarizing brieftly and tell your group members what connections you have found. (Write at least 100 words.)