torsdag 24 april 2014

English Expressions and Coding

We will learn some new English expressions and get acquainted with coding using Scratch. 
Time available:
Friday week 17
Monday week 18
Monday week 19
Friday week 19
Monday week 20
Your task is due Friday week 20.

1 Go to this link to The English we speak, where BBC presents a lot of English expressions. Choose one which your’re not sure of what it means. Listen to the programme. (The text is also available underneath.) 

2 Go to and register an account.
Click on ”Learn how to make a product in Scratch” (Steg-för-steg-introduktion) and do the introduction.

3 Make your illustration explaining the expression you have chosen. See Monica’s example.
  • Make a script: background, sprites, speach and text.
  • Your Scratch-project should contain at least one animation and one recording of your voice.
  • If you want to you can also add alternatives where people can guess what your expression means.

4 Click on this link and join the group Gu98  in Scratch. Upload your project in this group.

You will evaluate each other with the help of this checklist. Your teacher will use the same checklist when she evaluates your work.