torsdag 15 maj 2014

Instructions for Scratch-evaluation

1 Go to Gu98 and starting from the bottom you form pairs. (Exclude the first project, Monicas.)

2 Take a copy of the checklist and write the name of your classmate and his/her expression.

3 Go to The English we speak and listen to the pod-cast to his/her expression. This you do to be able to check if he/she has understood the expression correctly and if he/she used this information in a good way in his/her project.

4 Evaluate your classmates project by underlining in the checklist. You may also write comments.
Please take your time and "look inside" the project to see how they did their coding. Write a comment to show your appreciation.

5 Give the checklist to your classmate.

6 When you receive your checklist, look at the evaluation and write a reply at the back of the checklist. Do you agree or disagree? Do you want to give an explanation?

7 Hand in your checklist to your teacher.

8 Go to Gu98 and write a comment in the group discussion and give your opinion about:
  • What was POSITIVE with this Scratch-project?
  • What was NEGATIVE with this Scratch-project?
9 Go to Gu98 and look at other projects of your own choice. Please write comments to show your appreciation.

10 Embed a copy of your Scratch-project in your own blog. (Click on "embed" underneath your project in Scratch. Copy the code and paste it in HTML in your blog.)